A Very Shy Flower Pedlar


In Filipino:

“Hahahaha! Nagtitinda lang ako ng sampaguita, Takpan ko na lng yung mukha ko. Nahihiya ako eh, hindi naman ako artista.”

In English:

“Hahahaha! I just sell jasmines and that’s all. There’s no need to show my face, I’m not even a celebrity.” – A Very Shy Flower Pedlar

Mr. Aaron

Mr. Aaron

“Whenever I’m just sitting in the sofa while watching TV, I would suddenly glance at my bicycle… ¬†And I don’t know why, but I will just take a cloth, wipe it clean and just admire it’s beauty, such a crazy act, right? But you see, I would never ever sell this, i’ll pass it to my son and tell him not to sell it or even think of selling it. A vintage steel bicycle is a thing of beauty.” – Mr. Aaron

An Ode to the Blues (Lucille’s Eternal Sadness)

Ode to the Blues


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